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1. Adaptive Descriptive Echo Emmitence - ADEE an open source Security framework for Applications

2. BangaloreLakesAndWaterResourcesIndex - To remotely monitor Bangalore Lakes and water resources frequently, in the near future, through use of in-situ data from lakes & water resources,[ similar to India's swacch survekshan(urban) project.]

3. DigiLocker Issuer App (Java) - This project provides a sample DigiLocker Issuer application created in Java.

4. DigiLocker Issuer App (PHP) - This project provides a sample DigiLocker Issuer application created in PHP.

5. DigiLocker Issuer App Pull Model (PHP) - This project provides a sample DigiLocker Issuer application created in PHP.

6. DigiLocker Requestor App 1.0 (PHP) - This project provides a sample DigiLocker Requestor application in PHP created using DigiLocker Requestor API 1.0.

7. DigitalLocker - Drupal Integration - This project is a set of Drupal modules to integrate into the Digital Locker platform.

8. Ekatra - Ekatra: a civic complaint redressal system on Blockchain

This project is maintained at
This is just a readonly version of the project.

9. Election Analysis - Analysis Bases on Election Data

10. Fluxday - Fluxday is an opensource task & productivity management application ideal for fast growing startups and small companies.

11. For Data Analytics Platform using Docker - A docker image containing a minimum of one DBMS server and a Business Intelligence platform for analysis of data stored in the DBMS.

12. FUEL Project - Standardization of terminologies used for localization of various softwares

13. GCCS-TheNomads - A single login portal for user and government to report and profile incident management

14. GCCS_darkodes - Robust web portal for online child bullying

15. GCCS_Delhi_T1_P03 - The main goal of this project is to design a robotic vehicle which detects the metal around it such as weapons and send an SMS to the Server . It also detect the motion and click the pic at that moment and send it to the server.

16. GCC_vulnerability_IITB_Digital solution - To give advisory and facilitate the complaints of people.

17. GS Lab's OTPManager - GS Lab's OTP Manager is a standards based library that enables organization to adopt One Time Password (OTP) based 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) for Java/J2EE business critical applications

18. JanAkansha - Jan Akansha Task Management System Janaavedan Management system Daily Diary of Officers Officers Point wise Ranking Lok Kalyan Shivir Management System Receipt Dispatch module for Departments

19. Leap - A social media to track projects that benefit society.

20. Money Transfer Portal- Connect from Eko - It is a money transfer portal built on top of Eko\'s APIs that use its Pre-Paid Instruments Wallet License to enable wallet IMPS and NEFT services