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1. BangaloreLakesAndWaterResourcesIndex - To remotely monitor Bangalore Lakes and water resources frequently, in the near future, through use of in-situ data from lakes & water resources,[ similar to India's swacch survekshan(urban) project.]

2. Digi-World - Our objective is to create awareness among people specially rural areas to made our country digital and enhance the position of our country.

3. Digital Awareness on Cyber Security - We propose a model where we can aware people about cyber security through the smartphone

4. Ekatra - Ekatra: a civic complaint redressal system on Blockchain

This project is maintained at
This is just a readonly version of the project.

5. Election Analysis - Analysis Bases on Election Data

6. eVahan - one stop shop for Fleet Management System. Useful for bridging between Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

7. GCCS_CRAZYCODERZZ - Our main objective is to trace the black hat hackers over India in an economical manner. Our team have created an idea to trace them by setting up a honeypots in most of the free wifi spots in India. This trap will attract the hackers and finally they will be caught. We have created 2 clear videos and and typed in our full project description ......

8. GCCS_Encipher_IITB_P3 - The C37.118 protocol channel is secured by implementing a new encrypted (SHA256, AES, RSA) layer between the channel. Client Server communication is used for send the encrypted data over the channel

9. GCCS_PATNA_T1_P11 - Our goal is to make a “Common Central Platform” for posting all the Digital payment issues of the citizens in an automated way (also provision for un-automated means) and providing them their solutions by a team of web-workers chosen by Indian Govt. Our team has made a website prototype that will register the user and provide them the userID. The user will have to select a category of the payment-issue and describe the problem. The admin(i.e. team of workers) will provide the solution w.r.t. the problemID along with the necessary contact details of the related authority. If the user wants to search for the history of solutions then he/she can fetch the whole table consisting of solutions of that problem category.

10. GCC_vulnerability_IITB_Digital solution - To give advisory and facilitate the complaints of people.

11. india-blockchain - Open Source compliant and Permissioned Blockchain for India.

12. Instant Loan Disbursal System - To provide instant digital loan in applicant\\\'s account within few minutes. It is an end to end technology enabled digital journey for loan application and disbursal.

13. IOT system for Agriculture farm - IOT system for Agriculture farm

14. Light Weight Database for IoT Devices - Project aims to develop a low footprint NoSQL Data management system for IoT devices that allows Clustering of such devices for cumulative data collection in fields like agriculture, climate, traffic etc.

15. Location Based Development Tracking - - Idea is to create a app which users can use to report 1. Waste/ disposed off around their neighbourhood 2. Use satellite imaging to find out project development. (can be used to verify how much progress is done on a project) We can use satellite imaging from Bhuvan and keep a repository check on development projects.

16. ogdhackbbsr-bbs-182 - To solve the chronic traffic and parking problem faced currently at Bhubaneswar, Cuttack & Puri city which is at unmanagble stage.

17. Online Public Utility services - Online booking and management of Utility services by Government or Local Governments. mainly for water, sewage, rentals of vehicles, ambulance, booking system in government hospitals, booking system for dialysis units, services like blood request, rentals of Halls, Government guest houses for the public, Search offices and its location, etc.

18. OpenBCStack - OpenBCStack is a Vendor neutral Block chain Framework to enable setting up and operating block chain networks and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.

19. Planning Website - Development of GIGW based Webste

20. Protect me security - Protect woman\\\'s and child\\\'s against crime