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1. Adaptive Descriptive Echo Emmitence - ADEE an open source Security framework for Applications

2. ezOS: Nextgen Mobile Operating System - MobileOS with highly customization with feature variant packaging system, where the variant specifies which that device should have access to.

3. GCCS_DELHI_RAKSHAK - A Cyber Safety Gadget for kids with monitoring system and live video streaming

4. GCCS_Delhi_T1_P03 - Project for IOT based Emergency Response Service.

5. GCCS_Delhi_T1_P12MobileSecurity - Mobile phones have become an indispensable part our daily lives. Almost everyone owns a mobile phone. Thus there is an increase in use of android operating system .The users who are using this smart phones will be able to carry out their daily work such as paying bills, data sharing and news and many more. These applications will ask the users to allow certain permissions during installation and in turn will access to certain sensitive information such credit card details, logs of calls and location. Many users are unaware of this risk. The app that is installed is although from a genuine source and not a malware this is concerned about the security and privacy of the user. So, we will design a prototype that will analyze the risk related to android-based mobile application and will provide a risk score by considering several features into account.

6. GCCS_HoneyPotters_IITB_P8 - The project aims at learning the attack vector patterns of the botnets and hackers to secure the critical infrastructure.

7. GCC_vulnerability_IITB_Digital solution - To give advisory and facilitate the complaints of people.

8. Light Weight Database for IoT Devices - Project aims to develop a low footprint NoSQL Data management system for IoT devices that allows Clustering of such devices for cumulative data collection in fields like agriculture, climate, traffic etc.

9. LMG2Shruti - LMG2Shruti is a free non unicode to unicode font converter. It converts the LMG Arun font to Gujarati unicode Shruti font.

10. netGujarati Keyboard Layout - netGujarati Keyboard Layout - a Gujarati Input keyboard for Windows

11. ogdhacknational_ONLINE_052 - Your 24/7 bodyguard that protects you from any mishap. The app brings together communities and rescue services so that they can together help out people in need .

12. ogdhackonline-ONLINE_059 - smart switch board created a way for you to connect and configure Bluetooth control of a device or any AC-powered device in your home.

13. ogdhacksurat-whiz - smart board creates a way for you to connect and configure Bluetooth control of a devices or any AC-powered device in your home using arduino .

14. Open Street Map - An open and collaborative street map of our public spaces.

15. Samay - Library for getting indian time (indian lunar calendar)

16. SMART VISION STICK - Blind people also face many problems in moving from one place to another place. So we are implementing GPS in the smart stick which will help them in travelling with recorded voice orders as well as he no need to type any thing. The navigation is required with appropriate safety, so we are also introducing GSM, so that they can contact the family member in case of any type of emergency by simply pressing one button (SoS)which will send the SoS message and the location as well.

17. Unified Payment Interface - Discuss platform level issues / ideas of Unified Payment Interface