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1. Aadhaar eAuth/eKYC Sample App (.Net) - This project provides a sample .Net application that uses eAuth and eKYC APIs provided by UIDAI.

2. Automated cleaning robot \"SWAKSHAM\" - I want to clean all dust among public places and maintain the cleanliness of our environment.

3. Case Management System - MyCase a Cloud Based Case Management Software for Courts , Citizens And Advocates To Stay Organized and well Informed

4. CDR (Call Detail Records) - CDR is a cloud based application to analyze CDR (Call Detail Records) for Multiple User simultaneously.

5. Climate Analytics with Apache Spark - Use Apache Spark (Big Data) to run analytics on climate data.

6. DigiLocker Issuer App (.Net-WCF) - This project provides a sample DigiLocker Issuer application created using .Net WCF framework.

7. DigiLocker Issuer App (.Net-WebAPI) - This project provides a sample DigiLocker Issuer application in created using .Net WebAPI framework.

8. DigiLocker Pull Model ASP.NET ToolKIt - This tool kit is used for integration of DigiLocker Application with other application. It is in .NET platform. If anyone wants to integrate with using PULL model, can reuse it.

9. DigiLocker Requestor App 1.0 (.Net) - This project provides a sample DigiLocker Requestor application in .Net created using DigiLocker Requestor API 1.0.

10. eGov SmartCity Platform - eGov SmartCity Platform is built ground up for Indian ULB's to improve citizen service delivery, increase efficiency & effectiveness of the municipal staff and enable municipal executives to make data driven decisions. You can find more about the solution at

11. eSign Sample Application (.Net) - This project provides a sample .Net application that uses eSign APIs.

12. eVahan - one stop shop for Fleet Management System. Useful for bridging between Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change

13. File Upload - upload and download file from server

14. GCCS-TheNomads - A single login portal for user and government to report and profile incident management

15. GCCS_Chennai_T11_P03 - To provide Cyber Security to Internet of Things

16. GCCS_CHENNAI_T12_P4 - Enable Secured Digital Payment through Mobile and Netbanking

17. GCCS_CoE@VJTI_IITB_P1 - With the help of GNU Radio and Hack-RF, Signal of 1176.454 MHz (L5 band) frequency with high intensity can be transmitted to IRNSS receiver so that it will accept only fake signal of hack-rf instead of original signal.

18. GCCS_DELHI_RAKSHAK - A Cyber Safety Gadget for kids with monitoring system and live video streaming

19. GCCS_Delhi_T1_P03 - Project for IOT based Emergency Response Service.

20. GCCS_Delhi_T1_P03 - The main goal of this project is to design a robotic vehicle which detects the metal around it such as weapons and send an SMS to the Server . It also detect the motion and click the pic at that moment and send it to the server.