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Unified Payment Interface - Discuss platform level issues / ideas of Unified Payment Interface

Flyover-RoadReady - Our hack is to give a simple Flyover Case Management system. This is to enable better governance for the Ministry of Roadways.

ogdhackdelhi-del187 - Sahayak : Creating awareness about crime against women and effect of education on society.

ogdhackonline-ONLINE_115 - Women and Children Security App application prototype provides security to women and children.The main purpose is to provide immediate intervention and assistance to women and children in crisis and alarming message will be send to nearest Police Station Officer with geolocation of victim. The application is based on GPS and GSM.

Encrypted QRCode(Dot Net) - This is a sample dot net code for qr code generator.

ogdhackdelhi-DEL_184 - Quality check and lodging grievances of water supply in domestic rural and urban sectors. Track and manage application status of water supply and sanitation related issues.

ogdhackjaipur-JAI_093 - An application for better and fast searching of education institute across India with advance feature like chat-bot to connect with college.

ogdhackonline-online148 - UniConn is a GIS based university information android app. It serves as a source of information for students and professionals in the field of education. It provides several other features such as a platform for sharing of project ideas and posting news on internships.

ogdhackonline-online_089 - The bitter-true face of accidents and their causality. Showcasing the importance and gravity of driving safely by pin pointing the major reasons of accident.

ogdhackpatna-pat041 - A GIS based University Information App for students in high school colleges.

PSPCL Meter Reading App - Meter Reading frontend App for meter readers

Templegate Waste Management Solution - A software platform that provides a mechanism for municipalities to partner with local communities in tackling the waste segregation problem at the source.

Aadhaar - This project is intended to compile bugs / feature requests from all stakeholders.

DND 2.0 - DND 2.0 The new release (built ground up) has the following additional features: • An intelligent spam detection engine (for SMS only) to assist the subscriber in reporting • Crowdsourcing of data about offending messages and calls to speed up detection of unregistered telemarketers • Updates about action taken on complaints within the App

EPrabandhan - ERP for Jharkhand Police was named as e-Prabandhan developed using OpenERP which is a suite of open core enterprise management applications.

GCCS-Honeybee - A tool to lure Attackers in and gather information about their attacks and prevent them from gaining the insights about the actual system .

GCCS-TheNomads - A single login portal for user and government to report and profile incident management

GCCS_CHENNAI_T12_P4 - Enable Secured Digital Payment through Mobile and Netbanking

GCCS_CRAZYCODERZZ - Our main objective is to trace the black hat hackers over India in an economical manner. Our team have created an idea to trace them by setting up a honeypots in most of the free wifi spots in India. This trap will attract the hackers and finally they will be caught. We have created 2 clear videos and and typed in our full project description ......

GCCS_DELHI_RAKSHAK - A Cyber Safety Gadget for kids with monitoring system and live video streaming