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Pulkit Aggarwal - To analyse the working of digilocker.

TamilNadu Examination Board - TamilNadu Examination Board Pull Model Issuer

Patakya Calousha - Every Hanoi tour agent affords Ha Long Bay excursions, which work out easier - and usually cheaper - than doing the same factor yourself

ModelLoginPage - The code may be used by any .NET developer who require a login authentication page

SingleClickPDS - Single Click Pension Distribution Scheme

agritest - a

SpeedGovernor - SpeedGovernor : Speed Limiting Device

Smart vidya - Smart vidya learning App is an application created for the aim to make education available for all. Young students, working professionals and any one else who are willing to share knowledge can take part of this mission.

Health care economy in India - The infograps are used to display health economy

ogdhackonline-Online122 - Project focuses on easy data visualization and allow user to compare with other similiar entities for better realizations.

ogdhackonline-ONLINE_297 - Aim to eliminate Baggage theft by Digitally Securing belongings. Also to eliminate the usage of paper and ink using the concept of digital ticketing

VIJAY KUMAR MISHRA - \\\"Predictive Statistical Model for Mortality & Nutrition\\\"

ogdhackonline- -

ogdhackonline-<ONLINE_078> - Incredibly intermediate intervention is the only purpose of this project, no user of this application will ever be a victim and this will help them in the long run.

ogdhacksurat-<ALCHEMY> - Connecting all over Indian students for better practical learning and promoting social gathering of college students

ogdHackOnline ONLINE_257 - to aware farmers about crops price.

ogdhackonline-online_089 - The bitter-true face of accidents and their causality. Showcasing the importance and gravity of driving safely by pin pointing the major reasons of accident.

al;skdjlha;kd - a[oisihdkahkdk

ogdhackonline-online_228 - Android application which can be used to find Blood Banks and Hospitals in India.

ogdhackonline-ONLINE_115 - Women and Children Security App application prototype provides security to women and children.The main purpose is to provide immediate intervention and assistance to women and children in crisis and alarming message will be send to nearest Police Station Officer with geolocation of victim. The application is based on GPS and GSM.