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Dropout Support System - The application focused on supporting dropout to get back to school/college, complete education and increase literacy rate of the country.

Ogdpatna-PAT_073 - It provides the user with the facility to view the schedule and routes of trains.

ogdhackpatna-pat45 - ogdhackpatna-pat45

ogdhackpatna-pat087 - It is about to donate blood instantly.No need to store blood and reduce wastage.

ogdhackpatna-pat041 - A GIS based University Information App for students in high school colleges.

ogdhack-patna-pat009 - Standard Course Curriculum Design for all the Universities across India

ogdhackdelhi-del196 - Find and compare validated information about universities / colleges (GIS enabled)

ogdhackdelhi-del187 - Sahayak : Creating awareness about crime against women and effect of education on society.

ogdhackdelhi-del085 - Info-graphic on Ganga Basin

ogdhackdelhi-del068 - Geofencing of area around you to provide information on hospitals, PHC, CHC, blood bank centers along with filters to narrow down the search results and providing an option to review hospitals. It also spread awareness about the government schemes in the health sector.

ogdhackdelhi-del133 - Vehicle tracker app to track all buses and to tell user the most preferred buses according to the real time bus tracking.

ogdhackdelhi-del179 - This app could be the modified version of Swach Bharat Abhiyan and Digital India . Which could interact citizens of India can directly with Government . This will save the time of citizens and make easy to inform/complaint about any Public Problem and create transparency between government and citizens.

ogdhackdelhi-DEL_184 - Quality check and lodging grievances of water supply in domestic rural and urban sectors. Track and manage application status of water supply and sanitation related issues.

ogdhackdelhi-del076 - UDAAN- an app to help u choose your career wisely

ogdhackdelhi_del081 - open government hackethon

ogdhackdelhi-delhi130 - Smash Alert is an android mobile application through which road commuters will be able to analyze the accident prone areas based upon their location. Safeguarding methods will be provided to user. It will be fully authenticated using captcha, aadhaar card registration, etc. Database will be updated if accident occurs.

Way to college - It will help the students to find the information of all courses provided by the different colleges.

ogdhackjaipur-JAI_056 - Our aim is to provide educational service to citizen where the litreacy rate is low by visualizing data in a different sector of education.

ogdhackjaipur-JAI_072 - Everyone feels safe and secure at all times at all places in any mishap.

DEL186 - Application for women safety