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KaiOS App - KaiOS Application

DigiLocker SDK - An open source project for DigiLocker SDK.

DelhipoliceNative - Its manage for everyday

Amarnath New - Tracking the route of Amarnath yatra for providing alerts and notifications as per requirement during the journey of people

Instant Loan Disbursal System - To provide instant digital loan in applicant\\\'s account within few minutes. It is an end to end technology enabled digital journey for loan application and disbursal.

Open Source VLSI CAD - This is a repository of open source VLSI CAD software that could be used for designing semiconductor chips.

Online Public Utility services - Online booking and management of Utility services by Government or Local Governments. mainly for water, sewage, rentals of vehicles, ambulance, booking system in government hospitals, booking system for dialysis units, services like blood request, rentals of Halls, Government guest houses for the public, Search offices and its location, etc.

GeM Performance - gem performace reports

LMG2Shruti - LMG2Shruti is a free non unicode to unicode font converter. It converts the LMG Arun font to Gujarati unicode Shruti font.

Public Distribution System MP - Ensure to distribute ration for poor person.

ProjectRevenue - Revenue Cases

Fisheries_Project - Fisheries department code backup

eCabinet - this project for vidhanshaba question


e-Pest Surveillance & Pest Management - Mobile based Advisory for Pest control.

Uttar Pradesh_Food-Civil Supplies Dept. - It mainly deals with the supply and distribution of foodgrains, wheat, rice, kerosene oil, coal and other petroleum products etc. in the state under the guidelines of the Government of India.

Calendar Web component - Full calendar web component developed using StencilJS. This Calendar component supports adding events.

VD Punjab Web Portal - VD Punjab - GIS based planning management system

Old_VD Punjab Web Portal1 - VD Punjab - GIS based planning management system

Old_VD Punjab Web Portal - VD Punjab - GIS based planning management system