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ogdhacknational_JAI093 - An application for better and fast searching of education institute across India with advance feature like chat-bot to connect with college.

Bus Suvidha - Bus Suvidha App

ogdhacknational_BBS141 - Government Analytical Model Algorithmfor Road Network. With the help of our intelliegnt systeme with leveraging the data gathered from data gov server we are providing service to prevent accident , road trafffic management emergecny rescue operations, predictive maintenance etc Using machine learning and AI we are analysis the data gov 26 data sets to give solution for better mobility .

GAMAN Version 2.0 - This project aims to reduce the amount of road accidents on the traffic by creating an awareness to the Driver.

ogdhacknational_sur0095 - Made as open data hack phase 2

Garbo - It is made as a part of open data gov hack phase 2.

Prakash sirngaria - All type utility ,Pan card, and banking service

ogdhacknational_HYD160 - Our application deals about sending alerts to the users regarding accidents.

ogdhacknational_DEL_196 - University Finder (Unifynder), a mobile application for finding validated information about universities and institute (GIS enabled)

ogdhacknational_ONLINE297 - Secure Baggage using PSc – Personal Security Application “Eliminate Theft & Fear of theft of Baggage in Public Transport System”

ogdhhacknational_PAT039 - The project is the source code submission of the open govt data hack Nationals.

ogdhacknational-MAA00009999 - ogdhacknational-MAA00009999

ogdhacknational_pat00000098 - ogdhacknational_pat00000098

ogdhacknational_pat069 - Detection and prevention of road accidents so that the accidents on road can be minimized with prior notification and alerts.

ogdhacknational-ONLINE148 - UniConn is a GIS-based university information android app. It serves as a source of information for students and professionals in the field of education.

ogdhacknational-maa9999 - ogdhacknationalmaa9999

ogdhacknational_maa9999 - ogdhacknational_maa9999

ogdhacknational-PAT_053 - ogdhacknational-PAT_053

ogdhacknational_ONLINE_052 - Your 24/7 bodyguard that protects you from any mishap. The app brings together communities and rescue services so that they can together help out people in need .

ogdhacknational_MAA071 - The app to help understand the quality of water we receive.