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Yash Gupta - Calculator in python.

Light Weight Database for IoT Devices - Project aims to develop a low footprint NoSQL Data management system for IoT devices that allows Clustering of such devices for cumulative data collection in fields like agriculture, climate, traffic etc.

Queue Management System - To minimize the problem of handling people in govt offices, specially, the public relation officers, or where large people come for their grievances and queries.

Adaptive Descriptive Echo Emmitence - ADEE an open source Security framework for Applications

Bharat Billing - Billing software for Invoice generation and Accounting for small and medium traders and businessmen

Health Service Reporting System - Health Worker Monitoring System

Global Policy - Search and visualize policy discussions at the UN General Assembly for any given topic. Analyze data from thousands of resolutions to better understand the policy making process around a topic and country specific stances on it. Front end (HTML, CSS and Javascript) code uses D3 and Bootstrap Backend API code is in Python and uses a SQLite database to store resolution specific information

SeleniumDemo - This is a demo project for Selenium.

OpenForge Community - This is OpenForge for Community Contributors.

Encrypted QRCode(Dot Net) - This is a sample dot net code for qr code generator.

Url Shortner - to short the important long urls to small easy to share urls

Digital Certificates using Blockchain - Digital Certification Issuance System based on Blockchain to issue a certificate which is tamper-proof, and digitally verifiable & eventually revokable.

deshraj yadav - online education at everyone\'s reach

PSPCL Meter Reading App - Meter Reading frontend App for meter readers

Narad Muni - An information channel for conveying relevant information like access to subsidy, grants, etc. to relevant stake holders.

eVahan - one stop shop for Vehicle Management System

Flyover-RoadReady - Our hack is to give a simple Flyover Case Management system. This is to enable better governance for the Ministry of Roadways.

Smart Cities Wheel - Planning smart cities using AI

SwatchBharat - Digital initiative for Swatch Bharat Mission

ML for Indices using Sentiment Analysis - This project will help the user to analyse the behavioral aspect of economic fluctuations and help to monitor effects of nudges.