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DND 2.0 - DND 2.0 The new release (built ground up) has the following additional features: • An intelligent spam detection engine (for SMS only) to assist the subscriber in reporting • Crowdsourcing of data about offending messages and calls to speed up detection of unregistered telemarketers • Updates about action taken on complaints within the App

MySpeed - This application allows you to measure your data speed experience and sends the results to TRAI. The application captures and sends coverage, data speed and other network information along with device and location of the tests. The app does not send any personal user information. All results are reported anonymously.

MyCall App - People face a lot of issues due to low voice call quality and inability to express their opinion on a centralized platform. MyCall app provides a platform to all telecom subscribers in India to Croudsource their opinion through feedback rating process.

pdf2txt converter - This helps in converting pdf file to TSV file i.e. in tabular separate value file.

Service Provider Portal - Facilitates TRAI to collect information relating to service providers providing Broadcasting services and Cable services.

File Upload - upload and download file from server

College Attendance System - Looking for development of software for student attendance system @ college to sync data with app enabled platform

IOT Examples - Simple examples on IOT platform connectivity

locate dirty areas - Idea is to create a app which users can use to report waste/ disposed off around their neighbourhood

GS Lab's OTPManager - GS Lab's OTP Manager is a standards based library that enables organization to adopt One Time Password (OTP) based 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) for Java/J2EE business critical applications

MyPlan - showing plan BI

Yash Gupta - Calculator in python.

Light Weight Database for IoT Devices - Project aims to develop a low footprint NoSQL Data management system for IoT devices that allows Clustering of such devices for cumulative data collection in fields like agriculture, climate, traffic etc.

Queue Management System - To minimize the problem of handling people in govt offices, specially, the public relation officers, or where large people come for their grievances and queries.

Adaptive Descriptive Echo Emmitence - ADEE an open source Security framework for Applications

Bharat Billing - Billing software for Invoice generation and Accounting for small and medium traders and businessmen

Health Service Reporting System - Health Worker Monitoring System

Global Policy - Search and visualize policy discussions at the UN General Assembly for any given topic. Analyze data from thousands of resolutions to better understand the policy making process around a topic and country specific stances on it. Front end (HTML, CSS and Javascript) code uses D3 and Bootstrap Backend API code is in Python and uses a SQLite database to store resolution specific information

SeleniumDemo - This is a demo project for Selenium.

OpenForge Community - This is OpenForge for Community Contributors.